Garden with a Winner!™

December 23, 2018- Planning for Spring

It really is ok to actually stop gardening and do a little dreaming! Come this time of the year, my illicit wounds, foibles and aches seem to subside and my waistline increases. This is a season of celebration with loved ones and a recounting of all the blessings bestowed on us over the past year. Many of our close friends like to garden, so the conversations inevitably dissolve or evolve into chatter about the various successes and the odd failures of the past season. Indeed, social functions with gardeners can be somewhat of a challenge for non-gardeners or spouses of, most of us rattle off a raft of Latin binomials with deepest sincerity, dramatize (much like fishermen) the size of a particular blossoms or new something or other in our garden. This sharing, boasting and best of all, learning is healthy for all who garden, we love to share ideas and plans for the season ahead. As this is the season of gift giving, the gardeners in your life will truly appreciate literature, subscriptions, gift cards and of course catalogues within the realm of horticulture/gardening/design.

One great source for the planning process is the Willowbrook Nurseries website virtual catalogue. When I make the time and am in the mood for settling into my ‘plans’ for the following season, this is my go-to resource. The images are accurate and not photo shopped or disproportional, so you can get a decent sense of what the plant will be. Initially I review my landscape (gardens front and rear) and sensibly determine if I really need or for that matter, have room for any additional larger shrubs or trees. That is the hard part, if you are being honest with yourself. Ok, skip that part after a good thorough glean through the images, just in case I might change my mind, or a neighbour is looking for something special. Ah, now the perennials, and there is a treasure trove of images, all which conjure up grand combinations and vistas for my, oh yes, tiny gardens. Darn, maybe I should rip out that section and add a new bed over there. Ah yes as sugar plums dance in their heads indeed.

The fun of it all is that using a virtual catalogue and perhaps your IPad or pencil and paper handy, you can connive, conceive and collect all the ‘have to have’ plants. The listing is alphabetical or if you wish you can simply type in the name or type of plant it is that you think will be nice, similar to making a list and checking it twice. The brief descriptions are written in plain English and get to the essentials straight away. It is important that you read this information so that you have some idea of what your choice will perform like.

Willowbrook is a wholesale nursery which means that this massive business supplies your local garden centre or box store. I suggest that you use the online references to stimulate ideas, help you decide what to purchase next season or to make suggestions to your retail outlet, garden centre what they should get for you.

Naturally there are a great many resources online that you can reference and add to your dream packages, just be cautious and learn what part of the country they supply and cater to.

Wishing you all a festive holiday season. Enjoy the break that the winter months offer. May you and your loved ones enjoy good health and a successful year ahead. Happy New Year!

December 23rd, 2018