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Garden with a Winner!™

Top 10 Trees for Big Areas

Acer x freemanii ‘Autumn Blaze®'(Autumn Blaze® Maple)

A large, fast growing maple with brilliant fall colour.

Acer saccharum(Sugar Maple)

This native maple is the leaf on our flag and our source of maple syrup!

Quercus rubra(Red Oak)

The beautiful red oak makes a majestic addition to any large space.

Acer rubrum ‘Redpointe® ‘ Redpoint Maple

This variety of red maple has an upright habit and gives a spectacular red show in the autumn.

Fagus grandifolia(American Beech)

American beech has smooth, grey bark and produces an edible nut in the fall. Bronze foliage can last all winter on the tree.

Celtis occidentalis(Common Hackberry)

The hackberry is adaptable to many different and difficult growing conditions.

Ginkgo biloba(Maidenhair Tree)

Ginkgos have a unique, exotic, fan style leaf and turn bright yellow after the first frost.

Gleditsia triacanthos(Imperial Locust)

Great in street tree settings or as a landscape specimen. Their small leaves allow filtered light for a comfortable shade.

-consider other Locust cultivars as well-

Tilia americana(American Linden)

Linden are a clean shade tree with dark, dense foliage.

Ulmus(Homestead Elm)

This large, vase shaped, elm tree will fill any large space. They are tolerant of heat and drought once established.

-consider other Elm cultivars as well-