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Clematis Care

Clematis are the most popular vines  with very  attractive flowers that hummingbirds are drawn to. They can be challenging  to grow, but so rewarding!

Plant Growth:

  • They are perennial flowering vines with flowers the size of large roses.
  • They need support; a trellis, archway, rock or shrubbery.
  • During the spring they do best in full sun, but do well with partial shade in summer.
  • Keep the roots shaded by planting other plants or small shrubs around them.
  • They prefer a fertile, well-drained  and alkaline soil (pH value more than 7). If the soil is too acidic, add lime when planting.
  • Roots should not dry out or be disturbed.
  • Planting two to three different varieties of clematis will provide an abundance of blooms and add a continuous display of garden colour throughout the year.

Pests:  Clematis is susceptible to Clematis wilt, aphids, whiteflies, spider mites, thrips, botrytis and fusarium