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Top 10 Trees for Moist Locations

Quercus palustris(Pin Oak)

A fast growing oak with glossy, deeply cut leaves is a favourite in low lying areas.

Acer saccharinum(Silver Maple)

One of the fastest growing trees, Silver Maples can handle swamp-like conditions.

Platanus occidentalis(American Sycamore)

This large adaptive tree has exfoliating bark for an attractive, mottled look.

Salix alba ‘Tristis’(Golden Weeping Willow)

Often planted along banks of ponds and rivers, the golden weeping willow is a large, graceful specimen.

Acer rubrum(Red Maple)

This native red maple starts with small red flowers in the early spring and gives brilliant red fall colour.

Cercidiphyllum japonicum(Katsura Tree)

This tree emerges red, goes dark green for the summer and ends with a show of colour in the fall.

Betula nigra-clump(River Birch)

River Birch looks great with its peeling bark either as a single stem or a multi-stem form.

Gymnocladus dioicus(Kentucky Coffee Tree)

The Kentucky Coffee tree has huge compound leaves that cover its thick, stubby stems.

Nyssa sylvatica(Black Gum Tree)

This slow growing tree has spectacular fall colour to go along with its late season fruit.

Amelanchier canadensis(Canadian Serviceberry)

Flowering white in early spring, produces fruit in the summer; attracts robins, waxwings, cardinals, grosbeaks,etc.  Also provides shelter for nests.