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Garden with a Winner!™

Top 10 Trees for True Natives

Acer saccharum(Sugar Maple)

This native maple is the leaf on our flag and our source of maple syrup!

Quercus alba(White Oak)

This large tree provides a nesting site, produces acorns every year (unlike other oaks); attracts woodpeckers, jays, ducks, turkeys, squirrels, and chipmunks.

Quercus rubra(Red Oak)

The beautiful red oak makes a majestic addition to any large space.

Cercis canadensis(Eastern Redbud)

One of the first to bloom, these redbud are covered with lavender flowering in early spring.

Carpinus caroliniana(American Hornbeam)

Blue Beech has smooth grey bark and dark green leaves; its small nuts are loved by wildlife.

Fagus grandifolia(American Beech)

American Beech has smooth, grey bark and produces an edible nut in the fall.

Quercus palustris(Pin Oak)

Deeply cut leaves and a horizontal branch structure help the Pin Oak stand out from the rest.

Ostrya virginiana(Ironwood Tree)

Ironwood is as durable as its name suggests, no serious disease or pest risks. This is a great tree for any space.

Lirodendron tulipifera(Tulip Tree)

Tulip tree is named for its yellow flowers that resemble tulips.

Juglans nigra(Black Walnut)

This fast growing tree produces many large, edible nuts that are enjoyed by various wildlife.