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Clematis ‘Rhapsody’

A stunning purple-blue, dare I say indigo, blooming ‘Queen of the Vine.’ This variety produces a plethora of flowers; the bloom colour intensifies with age and sun. These hardy, indigo show pieces are complimented by a central yellow stamen and bright green foliage.  It is a deciduous, compact grower that climbs trellises, arbours, fences or can enjoy life in a container.

It is a fairly simple variety to grow. They generally grow slow at first, but don’t lose hope, if they like the location they will take off in due time. To get them well situated be sure to provide them with rich, moist soil, sun at the top, shade at the roots (sounds needy but planting low growing plants or placing mulch around the base will suffice) and a well-drained area to feel at home.

Rhapsody is part of the 2nd pruning group of clematis. They can handle a hard pruning in early spring before buds appear or when they are done flowering in the fall. A hard pruning would include cutting the plant to within 30-90cm (1-3ft) from the ground, preferably just above a healthy set of buds. These plants can provide up to three months of beauty. After the first round of buds bloom on the previous year’s growth in June deadhead the plants and prepare for a second round of blooms in late summer on the current year’s new growth.  You can keep it simple as well and yearly just remove dead or damaged growth and let this ‘Queen’ run her domain as she pleases 🙂 .