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Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum ‘Mariesii’

A Native Doublefile Viburnum to parts of Asia but an easy to grow, zone 5 wonder for the rest of us. This viburnum variety is a sight for sore eyes with lovely lace cap white flowers and dark green leaves. The blooms that blossom in spring (May-June) are stunning and fragrant. What make this deciduous shrub unique are the horizontal branches that provide tiered ‘shelves’ for the blooms to be displayed. It is a rather broad growing shrub as it gets wider than it gets tall. For a shrub like this, 3-3.5 m tall (10-12 ft.) and 3.5-4.5 m wide (12-15 ft.), a fair amount of square footage needs to be allotted for enough room to grow. Not only does it need some space for expansion but a mostly sunny location with partial shade throughout the day.  Whatever soil it encounters is suitable as long as it’s kept moist and well drained.

This shrub is a real crowd pleaser come fall as leaves turn a deep red- purple and the branches become ornamented with red, egg shaped berries. Birds and butterflies love the berries but they are not meant for human consumption as they can cause an upset stomach if ingested.

Pruning is never a requirement with low maintenance plants such as these. But if you so choose to prune to reduce or reshape do it immediately after flowering occurs and blooming ends.

These beauties are stunning no matter where they are placed; as a standalone, in a shrub garden or as a hedge.

BONUS: They appeal to the eyes of many but are generally unappealing to the pest populations.