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Garden with a Winner!™

Hydrangea paniculata ‘Magical® Fire’

No wand needed to make this magic happen. ‘Magical® Fire’ is a beautiful hydrangea variety with large white blossoms that become various shades of pink and red into the fall months. It holds bright green foliage all season long, July-September, which compliments it’s perfect, delicate, cone-shaped blooms and all they have to offer. This is a sun loving hydrangea that has an upright, compact growth habit. Reaching a maximum height and spread of 90cm (35”)-120cm (50”) this flowering shrub is ideal for borders, hedges, urban spaces and container growing. These sturdy, red stemmed, zone 5 hydrangeas are outstanding in any landscape.

Being from the paniculata genus the ‘Magical® Fire’ hydrangea blooms on new wood. Pruning is not needed but if you feel compelled to do so it save it for the late winter- early spring months. To keep this ‘Magical® Fire’ burning keep the surrounding soil moist, rich and well drained. To adjust bloom colours dabble with the pH levels to enhance this plants ‘claim to flame’, sit back, and enjoy!