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Viburnum burkwoodii (Burkwood Viburnum)

Looking for an early spring bloomer? Search no more. The Burkwood Viburnum offers a sweetly spiced, aromatic bloom that starts off as a deep pink bud and opens into white. This dense, multi-branched shrub displays glossy dark green leaves that turn maroon in fall. This viburnum has visual appeal for a good chunk of the year: long blooming flowers starting in April, berries that attract birds and butterflies in July-August, and unique coloured foliage in the fall. The Burkwood can grow 2.4-3 m (8-10 ft) tall, 1.5-2 m (5-7 ft) wide and has fairly large, flat topped blooms that are about 5-10 cm (2-4 in). Now that the search is over, you have found a true garden sensation, keep in mind these other bonus features- the plant is frost resistant and low maintenance.

Finding a good location to plant your shrub is as important for this viburnum as it is for many other plants. It is a zone 4-8 survivor that appreciates full sun but can handle bits of shade. The soil can stay somewhat moist but needs to be able to stay well drained. As the Burkwood matures it gains some drought tolerance, yet another great bonus feature. Planting locations include courtyard gardens, city spaces, wall side borders, hedges, flower beds or as a standalone. For cross pollination though they should be paired up for the fruit to produce yearly. You are welcome to go the opposite route as well and prune the finished blooms immediately to eliminate the chance of fruit appearing. A rather trouble-free shrub so plant one, sit back and take in all it has to offer.

Leave the berries for the birds.

They are not meant for human consumption.