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Garden with a Winner!™

Potentilla fruitcosa ‘Gold Finger’ (Gold Finger Potentilla)

Potentilla varieties tend to have a cottage charm about them. Being small and elegant ‘Gold Finger’ is no exception. It’s petite yellow flowers last from June until first frost (prime cottage season, no?). This potentilla is compact and has a mounding form. Though growing 60-90 cm (20-35 in) tall with a 90-120 cm (35-50 in) spread may seem unimpressive this plant will not disappoint and shouldn’t be underestimated. It is a flowering, deciduous, perennial shrub that thrives in zone 2-6 conditions and relishes in the sun.

Finding a spot in the garden for the ‘Gold Finger’ potentilla shouldn’t be too challenging as it is a fairly adaptable plant. It can withstand poor, rocky soil and dry environments. The coarse textured, dark green leaves help keep deer and rabbits away but the abundance of dark yellow blooms is quite alluring to butterflies. Use this potentilla in foundation plantings, mass plantings, hedges or try it as a ground cover. Prune it back in early spring half way to the ground to promote more blooms and sturdy stems the following year.

This year, bring that cottage feel to you and add a Gold Finger potentilla to your home garden.