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Abies fraseri (Fraser Fir)

A Fraser Fir is an evergreen tree that displays a consistent, pyramidal shape. Its branches are solid and look like the tips are reaching to the skies. The dense form reaches heights of 10-15 m (35-50 ft) with a circumference of up to 6 m (20 ft). The Abies fraseri offers unique contrasting colours on the upper and lower surfaces of its needles. The upper surface is a deep green and the lower is a lighter green with silver tones. Small buds will form in May-June and develop into cones. Male and female cones are produced on the same plant and usually appear within in the top few feet of the tree.

Fraser firs are the most popular pick for Christmas trees because of their natural shape and wonderful, fresh, outdoor aroma. The soft textured needles last a long time before drying out and dropping and won’t prick your fingers while decorating.

They are also useful in landscapes as accents and are suitable for zones 4-7. Plant it in a space that gets plenty of sunlight, has rich, moist, sandy soil, and is protected from heavy winds. Though a fairly low maintenance specimen when temperatures are hotter and dryer than anticipated be prepared to water and mulch around the base. Fraser firs can tolerate pruning but it is not necessary as it naturally takes on an appealing, uniform shape.

This evergreen conifer will fir sure not disappoint.