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Picea glauca ‘Densata’ (Black Hills Spruce)

Black Hills is a very adaptable, evergreen tree. It can become a potentially large spruce with horizontal branching from top to bottom. The branches are densely packed with needles that range from deep green to hues of blue. Taking on a cone-like shape this spruce can get 9-18 m (30-60 ft) tall with a spread of 4.5-6 m (15-20 ft). It is not your ordinary white spruce as it is a more compact, slow grower. Cones will start to appear in July and stick around until January.

The ‘Densata’ grows well in moist, acidic soil in full sunlight, but due to its versatility all sorts of conditions including shade, drought, hot, cold, gravel or sand can work as well. It can be grown in zones 2-6 and has a long-life span. Use the Black Hills Spruce as a windbreak, privacy screen, in group plantings, in park settings or as an accent. The birds love it and so will you.


Spruce up your landscape with a ‘Densata’.