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Cornus alba ‘Elegantissima’ (Silverleaf Dogwood)

The name says enough no? ‘Elegantissima’ has elegant white and green variegated leaves from root to tip but that is where the elegance ends. This shrub is a go-big or go-home super stud all year round. It is hardy and grows fast and large at 2-3 m (8 ft) tall and 1-2 m (7 ft) round. Creamy white flowers in spring, white berries in summer, purple leaves in fall and showy red branches through the winter months make it a very attractive garden plant.

The Silverleaf Dogwood takes on a round form and is a good fit for zones 2-8. It can be used as an accent, in mass plantings, in the garden or for screening and hedging. Plant it in a sunny location that has well drained soil and let nature take its course. The ‘Elegantissima’ need very little attention but can be pruned any time if desired. As a bonus the red branches can be cut and used in Christmas urns and other household décors. Bees and butterflies enjoy the berries but you probably shouldn’t.

How do you know if a shrub is a dogwood? By its bark.