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Solidago canadensis ‘Sweety’ (Sweety Goldenrod)

A newer, dwarf, goldenrod variety with a very compact, mounded habit. Sprays of tiny, bright, lemon-yellow flower clusters appear in late summer and have a long bloom time; lasting until late September and providing beautiful, fall colour. It is an important late season food supply for pollinators whether they are birds, bees or butterflies. Anyone could squeeze some of these in the garden with heights of 30-45 cm(12-18 in.) and a width of 45-60 cm(18-24 in.).

The ‘Sweety’ is a zone 3, sun lover that is adaptable to all sorts of soil types. It is deer resistant and has little risk of disease or insect issues. Goldenrod is self-fertile and pollinated by pollinators. Plant them in fall or spring where there is good air circulation. Sweety Goldenrod is a carefree variety that grows with ease. Deadhead them to prevent them from overgrowing or split them when overgrown. This variety brings colour to flower pots, borders, vases and planting beds.

The flowers and leaves are edible and can be used in salads, soups, stews or to make tea.