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Garden with a Winner!™

  • Water: use the soaker setting on the spray nozzle to avoid getting the foliage wet
  • Weed: use a hoe or sharp blade to slice them off under the soils surface or pull by hand
  • Edge and keep it tidy: create a perimeter with an edging tool or put in a permanent one
  • Fertilize: apply in spring to encourage more buds and less greenery
  • Mulch: help maintain moisture, prevent weeds and insulate
  • Deadhead: remove dried up buds and damaged leaves for potential re-blooming
  • Inspect for pests and problems: bring evidence to your local garden center and they can help you find something to relieve your plants of disease or pest infestations
  • Stake: place stakes close to larger plants for support
  • Share: sustain beautiful perennials by splitting them every  3-4 years  Transplanting