Plant Catalogue Archive - Medallion Plants
  • Prep The Day Before: Water the plants you would like to transplant the day before you plan to dig them up. Do a good deep soak so the plant is well hydrated for the 'BIG  MOVE.'
  • Avoid the sunny summer days; attempt it in overcast or cooler evening hours. Then the plant will have time to adjust before meeting the heat of the day in its new location.
  • Water the plant again right before digging it up. You want the soil to stick to the roots when you dig it up to transplant.
  • Avoid exposing roots to sun, heat or wind. Roots shrivel and shrink quickly, remember to remove each plant just prior to planting.
  • Water the hole before you transplant into it. Make it mud.
  • Place the plant in the hole, fill it with soil to the halfway point and water again. Let the water settle and finish filling the hole.
  • Lightly step on the surrounding soil to close any air pockets, not too hard though, the settling water will take care of compacting it the rest of the way for you.
  • Never skip the final watering. Once the plant is in the ground, water it from head to toe. Do not underestimate how much water is needed for a successful transplant.

Uprooting is stressful to plants at anytime of the year. There is always some risk involved so it is advised to:

Keep the newly transplanted plant from direct sunlight for 3-5 days.

Water it daily for the first couple of weeks.

If the plant is wilting, water it, even if you already did that day.