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Create a garden that rocks!

Create a garden that rocks!

  1. Find a sunny, open, sloping space
  2. Clear the area completely
  3. Define an edge, maybe map it out
  4. Rocks can be permanent structures, so avoid placing them in areas that you may need to access
  5. Pick a well-drained area
    • If necessary, remove a few inches of topsoil.
    • Mix in six or so inches of gravel to help drain water more efficiently
  6. Lay weed-resistant fabric on the ground before placing the rocks to allow water to penetrate but won't allow weeds to grow through
  7. Start with large sandstone or limestone rocks and create little ravines and crevices to fill with plants
  8. Top them with your medium and smaller sized rocks
  9. Fill in the ravines and crevices with topsoil, then add on compost and a sand mix
  10. Choose low growing plants that can retain moisture

Simple enough, right?