Plant Catalogue Archive - Medallion Plants


Be patient give them a chance to get established before producing the edibles.

Water them, mulch them, fertilize them, repeat.

Each spring apply compost and organic fertilizer (do not over-do it though)

Care tips:

  • Remove your pruners from the garage to use when the tree is dormant
  • Remove the chance of spreading disease by sterilizing your pruners
  • Remove dead branches
  • Remove big branches to help shape
  • Remove medium size branches to prevent overcrowding
  • Remove twigs to keep things tidy
  • Remove some fruit ('fruit thinning') to allow the remaining fruit to fatten up
  • Remove things slowly, no more than 1/3 of the branches a year

Remove fallen fruit and leaves to avoid housing pests over the winter months

Shaping and pruning your tree

  • Maintain a strong core trunk with evenly-spaced side branches to allow the sun to shine throughout.
  • Cut close to the trunk but avoid damaging the bark.
  • Use sharp, sharp shears for a speedy recovery, do not snap or tear off branches.
  • Snip close to healthy buds to encourage new growth.
  • Remove root suckers and water sprouts as soon as you see them.
Shaping and pruning your tree


They can be needy but the benefits outweigh the cost:

  1. Prune once or twice a year to keep the plant healthy and productive
  2. Prune away dead or old shoots right back to the base
  3. Prune new shoots back in early spring leaving 3-4 leaves
  4. Spray pests with a homemade mixture 'Protecting Your Plants from Pests'
  5. Weed around them, as you should do for any plant in any garden