Plant Catalogue Archive - Medallion Plants

The best time for planting is in spring or fall. Plants need a little more attention in the summer. Follow planting instructions and anything you plant should be a success.

Trees and Shrubs - the best time to plant trees or shrubs is when they enter dormancy, when they drop their leaves, or in the spring. How to Plant a Tree

Evergreens - avoid planting when it is too hot or dry.

Perennials - spring is prime perennial planting season but summer and fall will work, the plants will just need a little extra TLC.

Intense heat is a major enemy to newly planted plants. Give them all a good watering when planting to provide enough moisture to help get them properly established. You may need to use water bags or an irrigation system to help them along.

Spring Planting Tips:

  • Choose a cloudy, cool day to plant
  • Space plants as it takes perennials several years to reach full size
  • Consider growing annuals in open space until the perennials fill out
  • Plant in good soil and mulch around each plant
  • Water, and continue to water regularly until plants have established
  • Bring plants inside or cover them when there is a frost warning
Spring Planting Tips:
Summer Planting Tips:

Summer Planting Tips:

  • Choose to plant later in the day
  • Dig a hole larger than the pot
  • Water well and mulch around the plant
  • Make sure you don't let the plant wilt- water them twice daily if necessary

Fall Planting Tips:

The soil and air are cooler in the fall and sunlight is less intense which is less stressful for the plants, plus regular rainfall gives a good start to root growth. Plants do not form a lot of new leaves but they will already be well established by spring. They will be more vigorous and larger in size. These tips also apply to splitting perennials.

  • Find healthy strong plants, for transplanting or purchase, they will establish easier in your garden
  • Mulch around the plant to protect the plant during the cold months
  • Cut back the top growth to help the plant focus on root growth

What to avoid: 

  • Fertilizing - it urges the new growth but we do not want plants to form new leaves if the cold temperatures are around the corner, ideally plants should go dormant in the fall
  • Planting Late Bloomers - plants that bloom later in the year are better left for a spring planting
Fall Planting Tips: